BizFed Engaged With Measure M Implementation and Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee

Posted December 12th, 2016 | Status:

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INFO ALERT: BizFed Engaged With Measure M Implementation and Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee

Dear BizFed Transportation Committee members,

Since the very beginning BizFed has been “In It to Win It” for Measure M. The voters spoke loudly at the November Ballot with resounding support to see this monumental Transportation Plan come to fruition. But that was only the first step. Now the crucial process of implementing the plan and establishing a Taxpayer Oversight Committee are top priority for this committee heading into 2017. In the coming weeks, Metro will be developing an online application form for prospective members of the oversight committee. This online application will run for 60 Days and culminate in the committee being selected and in place to begin work in June of 2017. All of this information and more details about the overall implementation can be found at the link below in Metro’s presentation:

Metro Measure M Implementation Presentation

Additionally, in BizFed’s continued efforts to work hand in hand with Metro in developing this instrumental oversight committee, a letter was submitted on November 10, to Metro CEO, Phil Washington, and the full Metro Board expressing our desire to continue to work together throughout the entire process. You can reference our letter and Phil Washington’s response at the two linked letters below:

BizFed Letter to Metro CEO Phil Washing and Board of Directors

Phil Washington’s Response Letter to BizFed

BizFed will be convening a meeting of our Transportation Committee in early 2017 once next year’s co-chairs have been established. The date and location are still TBD. In the meantime if you have any valuable information to share on this important issue please contact Dustan Batton at


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