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We promised we’d be back before Sacramento Days 2024! Our policy team led a small group of BizFed leaders to the State Capitol yesterday to fight for key business bills and homeowners insurance crisis solutions as we approach the end of this legislative session. 

  • September 1: Suspense Day – last day for hundreds of bills to be heard in Appropriations or be held for the remainder of the year. 
  • September 8: Last day to amend bills on the floor.
  • September 14: Final day of session.

Our advocacy strike force – representing diverse associations, companies, and sectors – engaged with legislators and staff from eight districts, and delivered targeted messaging on four BizFed-backed bills related to housing, manufacturing tax credits, workforce development, and seismic resiliency: SB 4 (Wiener), AB 52 (Grayson), AB 376 (Villapudua), and AB 1505 (Rodriguez).

We also uncovered promising developments tied to California’s looming homeowners insurance crisis during discussions with lawmakers and insurance committee consultants. Stay tuned for updates on pending legislation.


BizFed leaders met with Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez, Senator Susan Rubio, Assemblymember Luz Rivas (who chairs the Los Angeles County delegation), and Assemblymember Juan Carrillo, plus legislative directors for Assemblymember Lisa Calderon, Senator Anthony Portantino, and Assemblymember Vince Fong. Targeted advocacy focused on four bills and urgent remedies for California’s homeowners insurance crisis. We encourage all members to continue amplifying the following talking points.

  • SB 4: The “Yes in God’s backyard” (YIGBY) bill allows by-right affordable housing on land owned by religious institutions and nonprofit colleges. It supersedes local zoning laws and opens up nearly 40,000 acres of land for new housing development. 

  • AB 52: This CMTA-sponsored bill establishes a manufacturing tax credit that aligns California with 38 other states that already credit or exempt equipment purchases. This legislation will spur the creation of an estimated 163,000 new manufacturing jobs and up to $3.5 billion in new economic activity.

  • AB 376: This proposal hits close to home for several legislators with loved ones in the trucking industry. It expands financial aid for prospective truckers, creating new paths to prosperity for more Californians with all levels of educational attainment. It also addresses workforce shortages in an industry we all rely on to deliver essential goods.

  • AB 1505: Several legislators we met with said they were familiar with this bill because they recently heard from BizFed leader Ali Sahabi. It shores up resources for statewide disaster mitigation with a seismic retrofit fund. An estimated 2.5 million Californians live in older, soft-story homes vulnerable to collapse in a major earthquake. 

In addition to the bills above, our team pushed hard for immediate insurance solutions. CalMatters called out legislators in a recent report for ignoring California’s ballooning crisis in home insurance coverage, as insurers pull out of the California market, citing wildfires, construction costs, and other factors that create more financial exposure than they can cover with premiums.

Diana Coronado told representatives from all eight districts we met with that inaction could result in a rate increase of 300% to 400%, while Sandy Sanchez shared alarming updates about the latest twist in California’s housing nightmare; some prospective homeowners are now having more trouble securing insurance policies than mortgages, she told lawmakers. We’ll have updates soon on what appears to be a fast-developing, for-now fix.


BizFed leaders kicked off the advocacy trip with Assemblymember Blanca Rubio, who represents communities in the San Gabriel Valley and chairs the New Democratic Caucus, often referred to as the “Mod Caucus.” Rubio listened intently to business concerns about:

  • Overlooked manufacturing opportunities
  • Homes at risk of collapse in a major earthquake
  • Skyrocketing homeowners insurance costs that are pricing people out of California

But the tone of the lunch discussion was largely hopeful. Thanks to careful research and vetting, Rubio is confident her now has reliably pro-business members who can help advance CEQA modernization measures, workforce development solutions, and specialized career training programs.

The assemblymember applauded BizFed members for traveling to the Capitol for in-person advocacy with elected officials of all stripes. She urged the broader business community to set aside politics, policy, and professional agendas more often for personal bridge-building with legislators and staff. Finding common ground as humans and community members can help bridge ideological divides, she reminded the group.

“Take the time to get to know everyone on a personal level. Every year when I invite Capitol contacts to my tamale party, they ask, ‘How much?’ They’re always shocked to learn it’s not a fundraiser,” said Rubio.


Cheers to all partners, legislators, and staff who were able to join BizFed members at yesterday’s California Business Properties Association reception, including Senator Anthony Portantino and Senator Scott Wilk. What a treat to end a whirlwind advocacy trip with friends – new and old – from government, business, and beyond. Thank you for hosting us, Matthew Hargrove!

We thank the following members for joining our small but mighty team on this trip – the first in a series of advocacy daytrips to the Capitol spearheaded by Sarah Wiltfong, Mitchell Vieyra, Chris Wilson, and Denise Kniter. Our time in Sacramento was short, but our list of accomplishments is lengthy. 

  • Kome Ajise – Southern California Association of Governments 
  • Diana Coronado – Lennar
  • Lance Hastings – California Manufacturers & Technology Association
  • Ben Lopez – Inland Empire Economic Partnership
  • Richard Markuson – Western Electrical Contractors Association
  • Sandy Sanchez – FivePoint
  • Aaron Taxy – Building Owners & Managers Association, Greater LA

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