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INFO ALERT: Speaker Rendon appoints BizFed leader to Delta Stewardship Council

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Another BizFed leader has been appointed to a key public leadership role, and we're hopeful this appointment will ensure the voice of business is heard on one of California's most pressing issues – water resiliency.

Please join us in congratulating Cordoba Corporation's
Maria Mehranian on her appointment to the Delta Stewardship Council.

Maria is a member of BizFed's Executive Committee who serves as Operations/Treasurer Co-Chair. She previously served on the Delta Stewardship Council as a 2018 appointee of the Senate Pro Tem. If you attended BizFed Institute's Water & Climate Resiliency Forum last June at Metropolitan Water District headquarters, you heard Maria's future-forward remarks about the value of private sector leadership on water supply and storage issues.

You're likely hearing this exciting news about her Council appointment for the first time! We've been keeping it under wraps for several weeks. Now that Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon has announced his decision to appoint Maria to the state-level Council, we encourage you to share the news and congratulate Maria on your own platforms.


The Delta Stewardship Council is tasked with advancing state-mandated "coequal goals" for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta that balance water supply reliability and Delta ecosystem resiliency. The Council also implements the Delta Plan, a long-term sustainable management plan to ensure coordinated action in the Delta at the local, state, and federal levels.


The Delta is an evolving place where people live, work, and recreate. It supplies a portion of the drinking water for 27 million Californians and is home to more than 627,000 people spread across urban, rural, agricultural, and legacy communities. Needless to say, the Delta plays a significant role in supporting California's $3.4 trillion economy.

BizFed has also been a longtime supporter of the Delta Conveyance, the tunnel project that will safely secure water from the Delta and transport it to Southern California and farms in the Central Valley. The Delta Stewardship Council plays an instrumental role in reviewing the project and seeing it through its completion.


The Council's seven members include four experts appointed by the Governor, one appointed by the Senate, one appointed by the Assembly, and the Chair of the Delta Protection Commission. They're advised by an independent 10-member science board and supported by staff.

  • Chair Virginia Madueño
  • Frank C. Damrell, Jr.
  • Julie Lee
  • Diane Burgis
  • Christy Smith
  • Daniel Zingale

We love to see our leaders stepping up for public service that strengthens Southern California communities – and amplifies the voice of business.


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Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO