Select Your Priority for BizFed 2017 SoCal Task Force

To the Members of the 2017 BizFed Task Force: Thanks very much to all of you who joined us for last week's meeting and/or Monday's call, and to those of you who will be joining us for our work going forward. As you know, our goal will be to team up with our existing policy committees to expand into a pro-active agenda in the areas we have designated as issue priorities. For those of you who were not on the call, the results of our survey show that your preference for our priority issue work as a Task Force going forward will be: 1) Housing & Land Use 2) Infrastructure (Transportation) 3) Infrastructure (Water) Our hope is that each of you will FILL OUT THIS FORM and indicate to us which policy area you'd like to engage with directly. It's our goal for as many of you as possible to join a working group in your preferred policy area to help us develop a program for our first "Future of SoCal" convening on March 1. In addition to working with the corresponding policy committee in your issue area, we'll be eager to work with you to determine stakeholders to participate in the March 1 program and to help us determine an agenda to begin to move the conversation forward on each of our three policy fronts. We believe that  BizFed’s 2017 SoCal Task Force will bring together the region’s foremost business, labor and community leaders to lay the groundwork for a jobs creation agenda for Southern California and beyond. We will convene smart people from across ideological divisions to create common ground on which we can shape a policy agenda for economic growth and to improve the lives of middle-class Californians. We also believe that the existing local, state and national political landscapes provide us an opportunity to make a significant impact in these three areas, as elected officials and other policy makers prepare for their next steps on these fronts. I apologize for the short turnaround, but we hope you can complete the survey before close of business tomorrow, Friday February 3.  Thanks again for your interest and involvement, and please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any questions that Rachel and I can answer for you that will help you as we move forward. Again, if you haven't done so yet, please CLICK HERE to submit your GROUP choice. Sincerely, Dan