Victory Alert

VICTORY ALERT – Centennial at Tejon Ranch approved by Board of Supervisors today! 

VICTORY ALERT - Centennial at Tejon Ranch approved by Board of Supervisors today!  Tuesday, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted (4-1) to approve Centennial at Tejon Ranch project. This vote came after over two hours of public testimony with a two-to-one margin of speakers in support of Centennial articulating that this project is the most effective solution to our housing supply and affordability crisis. Supervisors Barger and Ridley-Thomas added a motion in support for this project to add; a project labor agreement to build the streets, sidewalks and utilities of the development, to include a workforce development and job training program, peer review with CalFire in all parts of the permitting process and provide a water supply analysis for the project.  Supervisors Solis and Hahn added a motion increasing the affordable housing set-aside from 15% up to 18%. Supervisor Barger thanked BizFed for pointing out that we need housing of all kinds especially when three out of every four transit- oriented-development projects are being stopped through CEQA lawsuits. Centennial is Los Angeles County’s opportunity to take advantage of population growth by providing diverse working-class and middle-income families an opportunity for home ownership. It is a mixed use development planning to build over 19,000 new homes with 10 million square feet of commercial space ultimately creating 23,000 permanent jobs, and over $39.1 million annually in County tax revenues that will benefit ALL of LA County. Thank you to the following BizFed members who wrote organization letters, testified, tweeted and mobilized during the last two weeks;  Bill Taylor,Antelope Valley Board of Trade, Diane Carlton and Jill Furtado, Antelope Valley Association of Realtors, Lois Henry, BizFed Central Valley, Tim Piasky and Diana Coronado, BIA-LA/Ventura Counties, Sharon Evans, Business Resource Group, Angela Gibson-Shaw, Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce, Bill Allen, LAEDC, Olivia Lee, LA Area Chamber of Commerce, Lou Baglietto, LA Gateway Chamber of Commerce, Arnie Corwin, LA South Chamber, Jeremy Harris, Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Scott Ross, Majestic Realty, Peter Herzog, NAIOP,  Steve PonTell, National Community Renaissance, Troy Hooper, Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce, David Kissinger, South Bay Association of Realtors, Charles Gale, South Bay Chambers of Commerce, Armando Flores and Elizabeth Hawley, VICA. SUGGESTED TWEET You can tweet your thank you and don't forget to retweet @BizFed. Thank you @kathrynbarger, @HildaSolis, @mridleythomas, @SupJaniceHahn for your support of attainable and affordable housing and approving Centennial @TejonRanch #HousingSupplyMatters #BusinessMakesLAWork Shout out to the @BizFed for believing in building more housing! BACKGROUND
  • Centennial is consistent with both the LA County General Plan and the Antelope Valley Area Plan (AVAP). In 2015, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted the Antelope Valley Area Plan and updated the LA County General Plan.
  • The Ranch wide Agreement with environmental stakeholders such as Sierra Club and Audubon preserves 240,000 acres or 90% of Tejon Ranch as permanent open space, while allowing 10% of the Ranch to move forward with sustainable development.
  • LA County continues to face a housing crisis and needs a variety of housing types throughout the County of Los Angeles. Centennial’s master planned community will be able to address this problem by provided price-attainable housing that will help accommodate both regional and economic growth in LA County.
  • As a master planned community, Centennial will create more than 23,000 permanent jobs.
  • Included in the project will be 10.1 million square feet of retail/public/business park/office space and civic and institutional development.
  • Centennial has agreed to the largest local hire program by private developer in LA County, hiring 30% of local residents. The local hire program will target local residents, minority-owned, women-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprises for the construction of buildings within Centennial.
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