Victory Alert

VICTORY ALERT – Metro Board votes to approve Modernizing I-710 South

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(Top) - BizFed Chair Hilary Norton, FAST speaking to the Metro Board, (Bottom) - Elizabeth Warren, Future Ports addresses the Metro Board with Weston LaBar,Harbor Trucking Association waiting to testify

VICTORY ALERT - Metro Board votes to approve Modernizing I-710 South

Locally Preferred Alternative 5C goes to Final Environmental Review! 
Thanks in large part to the leadership of Supervisor Hilda Solis and Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia. They both leaned in to navigate thoughtful amendments to the exhaustive staff work (over 350 community meetings were held) that enabled the Metro Board to unanimously (11-0) move forward after nearly 20 years of being stuck talking!
You may hear or read about Metro backing off the freeway plan. But don’t be misled. It’s proceeding to environmental review and the Early Action Program projects will soon be identified and prioritized.
BizFed members will be a part of developing a balanced and strategic path for cleaner truck technologies with a newly established stakeholder working group without jeopardizing the delivery of this critical highway and goods movement project that voters in Southeastern LA County supported in Measure M.
South Coast Air Quality Management District came out and voiced strong support for the Locally Preferred Alternative 5C and Item #5.2 on creating this stakeholder working group to identify strategies to implement these technologies sooner. This is a great example of the collaboration that BizFed and business community leaders bring to the Metro Board of Directors. BizFed wants to thank the following members and leaders for participating with the Metro Board either through speaking, being present, and/or provided written testimony; Jessica Alvarenga, PMSA, Kendall Asucion, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Lou Baglietto, LA Gateway Chamber of Commerce, Rick Cameron, Port of Long Beach, Chris Cannon, Port of Los Angeles, Hal Dash, Cerrell Associates, Dave Ford, Southern California Edison, Jeremy Harris, Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Peter Herzog, NAIOP, John Hakel, Southern California Partnership for Jobs, Weston LaBar,Harbor Trucking Association,  Frank Lopez, Southern California Gas, Annie Nam & Javiera Cartaegna, SCAG, Hilary Norton,  BizFed Chair and FAST, Shane Phillips, Central City Association of Los Angeles, Schenae Rourk, Redwood Resources, Scott Smith, Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, Elizabeth Warren, Future Ports, Denny Zane, Move LA. A special shout out to BizFed Institute Board member Ron Miller, LA/OC Building Trades, John Hakel, Southern California Partnership for Jobs, and Lamar Hanger from Southwest Regional Carpenters for rallying a great turnout to help us counter balance the opposition. Thank You! Tracy Hernandez