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The Downtown Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce advocates the success and sustained business growth of the DTLA region by proactively providing information and resources, positively impacting our community, and promoting cultural diversity.

Downtown Los Angeles is not only the heart to Los Angeles County’s cultural diversity, transit system and history, but also home to multiple small and large businesses that make up the nearly 5-square mile region. It is a central business district as well as a hub for creativity, design, and technology. And with its ever-growing population, DTLA is seeing both new life and investment. Since the early 2000s, Downtown Los Angeles has been experiencing a renaissance with various businesses congregating to the area. Even with all of these incredible pieces that make up the region, what makes DTLA truly special is the people. The DTLA Chamber of Commerce promotes the prosperity of the people who work here and the advancement of their establishments.

Visit us at: https://dtlachamber.com/