New California Coalition

The New California Coalition is the non-partisan political home and voice for over 9.7 million “Common Sense” voters across California
We want results, and we are mobilizing to achieve them. The New California Coalition is organizing everyday voters, business leaders, and community organizations from across the state into a civic movement to demand change and action. We seek triple-bottom-line solutions that grow our economy, sustain our environment and fix social inequities.

We want a massive amount of housing built to make homes accessible to buyers, renters, and the unhoused alike, not more excuses, red tape, and NIMBYism.

We want clean and healthy public spaces, safe streets and communities, instead of finger pointing, victim blaming, or hiding inaction behind empty and dangerous slogans. We want people and businesses to have a reliable and affordable supply of water and energy,

We want to build financial security through good paying jobs rather than blocking the industries that can transform our society and balloon the middle class.We want our educational system to develop confident, life ready citizens prepared to enter the workforce, create businesses and contribute to the quality of life in their community.

We can have all of this and more if we organize for it now.
We are Californians from all different backgrounds – from business to workers, from disenchanted political organizers to unaffiliated and disaffected voters. We are ready to take responsibility and help solve the most pressing challenges facing our state. Our first step is to create a political voice for this army of Common Sense Californians.

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