NEWS ALERT: BizFed Takes On Split Roll!

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We’re speaking out and getting great earned media! Did you see my latest message about Split Roll published in the Los Angeles Daily News opposing split roll? Click here to read the full Op-Ed or see it in print this Sunday.

Higher property taxes on businesses still loom, despite Measure EE’s defeat


“Last month, voters overwhelmingly rejected Measure EE, the $500 million per year property tax increase rushed to the ballot by the longstanding mismanaged Los Angeles Unified School District. The massive defeat of Measure EE (only 46% of voters in 25 progressive cities said yes, when 66.7% was needed for it to pass) was a big lesson. Taxpayers won’t be fooled. They want transparency and accountability in exchange for their hard-earned money, and they refuse to throw their money down the drain.

Tens of thousands of Los Angeles families and small business owners are simply on the edge of making ends meet and cannot afford higher property taxes, rent, and costs of living.

But hold onto your hats. The battle is far from over.

The instigators of Measure EE have already begun their next run at your pocketbooks. This time it is statewide attack on Proposition 13, which is the only constitutional measure that helps control rising costs in California.

Passed in 1978, Prop. 13 brought certainty to all California homeowners and businesses that they will be able to afford their property tax bills in the future by calculating general property taxes for both residential and business properties based on one percent of their purchase price. It also caps annual increases in property taxes at two percent per year which protects against sharp increases in property taxes, especially when property values rise quickly.” Click here to continue reading.

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