Victory Alert

🎉 VICTORY ALERT: Legislators shelve bill banning diesel trucks

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We have celebratory news to share about a bill that would have snarled Southern California's supply chain. BizFed-opposed AB 627 (Jackson) failed to advance following coordinated messaging and education campaigns led by business leaders.

We thank all BizFed members who leaned in to support sensible energy solutions and realistic timelines for electrification of heavy-duty trucks.

AB 627 sought to ban diesel-powered trucks on surface streets and county roads in San Bernardino and Riverside counties by 2030. We spoke up loudly about the unintended consequences of an aggressively accelerated shift toward zero-emission heavy-duty truck fleets that exceed both the capacity of California's power grid and the budgets of most operators.

Lawmakers heard and heeded business voices this time. AB 627 has been shelved.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the data and talking points below. We anticipate more proposals to rapidly phase out affordable and reliable technology in favor of only zero-emission options. Our victory on this bill comes on the heels of the California Air Resources Board's vote to adopt the Advanced Clean Fleets regulation we warned Southern Californians about in a recent op-ed. The newly approved CARB mandate bans all sales of new diesel big rigs, delivery, and garbage trucks by 2036 and sets a 2042 deadline for large fleets to achieve lofty zero-emission goals.


  • AB 627 would have hurt communities in San Bernardino and Riverside counties that serve as the heart of critical supply chain operations. Disruption to the nation’s nearly $900-billion trucking industry could drive other essential jobs off the road. One in three jobs in Southern California is supported by industries dependent on goods movement.

  • Although this bill established an assistance program to operators of diesel-fueled engines, it is in the form of a grant, which becomes dependent on future state revenues. That assumes a state surplus for years to come.

  • This bill depended on technology that is not yet widely available. There are only 2,000 large, zero-emission vehicles currently operating in California – nearly all of them are buses. Heavy-duty electric trucks require chargers and charging capacity far beyond the region's projected capabilities.


Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO