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INFO ALERT: New California Coalition announces new leadership

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Since 2021, I've had the privilege of serving as Co-Leader of the New California Coalition (NCC) alongside Jim Wunderman. I'm excited to share that NCC's Board of Directors has appointed me Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Jim has been elected NCC Board Chair. My role at BizFed remains unchanged and supercharged.

This organizational step forward marks a pivotal moment for NCC that will supercharge BizFed's policy impact. NCC launched to build a civic home and voice for 9.8 million common-sense voters up and down the state. That includes many of the 5 million Southern Californians employed by the 420,000 employers mobilized by you – leaders of the 245 diverse business organizations united under the BizFed umbrella.

Remember – BizFed members have a standing invitation to attend our monthly NCC Partners calls on Zoom. Our next gathering is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18 at 4pm. Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas will join us for a special presentation and Q&A session. I hope you can join us to amplify sensible, solution-oriented voices. 

Thank you for locking arms with NCC's statewide network of business and community partners to improve livability, affordability and sustainability for more Californians. 


Onward together!

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Tracy Hernandez
BizFed Founding CEO