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ACTION ALERT: Empower voters to have a say on new taxes

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We need your vital voice again. We're laser focused on primary elections, but we haven't lost sight of high-priority issues on the November 2024 ballot. A statewide initiative that would require all new state and local tax increases to also receive voter approval (including those that might be enacted this year) has qualified for the general election in November.

BizFed is proud to support the Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA) – and we're asking your organizations to also join the ballot measure's diverse coalition of supporters. Californians should have more say in how taxpayer money is spent. California had a $100 billion surplus just a year and a half ago. After increasing spending to unsustainable levels and squandering this historic surplus, California now faces a nearly $60 billion deficit. If the BizFed-backed TPA passes, any new taxes that are proposed to help fill the deficit must go before voters.



✔️ TPA gives voters final say on all state and local tax increases.
✔️ TPA closes loopholes that special interests have exploded to raise local taxes.
✔️ TPA creates desperately needed transparency and accountability protections.
✔️ TPA maintains current revenue for essential public services.
✔️ TPA would close the loophole that special interests used to pass Measure ULA in Los Angeles. If TPA passes, it would require LA voters to approve Measure ULA again.


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