Did You See No on EE’s TV Ad? Vote No on June 4th!

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Have you seen No on EE’s TV ad? It’s being aired on network cable and tv through election day. Vote No on Measure EE on Tuesday, June 4th (Click the image to view No on EE’s TV ad on the Vote No on EE Website)!

THANK YOU to our member California Business Roundtable for your ongoing support of the No on EE campaign.


In the News!


LAUSD asks for sensitive information from seniors before Measure EE even passes

Click here to read the entire article by Jason Henry, published Thursday, May 30, 2019.

Property owners 65 and over have until July 1 to mail in form requesting an exemption from the parcel tax — if it passes

The Los Angeles Unified School District is asking seniors to provide copies of their driver’s license, a Social Security check and other sensitive personal information to verify whether they are exempt from Measure EE before voters even weigh in on the parcel tax.

In an official letter, Superintendent Austin Beutner reminds the exempt seniors to vote on Tuesday, June 4.

Some of those who received the letter weren’t even in LAUSD’s district, prompting confusion in El Segundo, for example. Others worried the letter was a scam.

‘Don’t trust them’

Ken Walsh’s parents told him about the letter after they received one at their home in Eagle Rock. Walsh said he believed the letter was authentic, but he was immediately concerned about the district’s ability to safeguard the information they may not even need.

“I don’t trust them at all,” Walsh said. “That is too much information.”

Election Day is 4 Days Away! We Need Your Voice!

It is critical that we utilize these last few days to ensure voters VOTE NO on June 4th. Please send emails to ALL your members and contacts urging a No Vote!

Also, post on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

We are urging our employees to vote @NoOnMeasureEE on June 4th! (Click to Tweet!)

We are urging all our employees and their families to
#VoteNoOnEE on June 4th. This huge tax increase is bad for
businesses and will lead to increased rent and higher costs for all
Angelenos. Join us in voting NO on EE. (Copy and Paste to Facebook Post)

Click Here to download No on EE factsheet, coalition list, template emails, and social media messaging.

ATTENTION: If you have not mailed in your absentee ballot, please do so today. Or turn it in at your polling location this TUESDAY, JUNE 4th, Election Day!

 Election Resources:


Visit www.VoteNOonEE.com to find out why Measure EE is the wrong solution for the LAUSD. Follow @NoOnMeasureEE on Twitter!

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